Erika Peña rings are designed one-of-a-kind true works of art. Starting with the Classics collection with a timeless bohemian inspiration. Utilizing stunning stones, such as Volcanic Druzzy Rock stones from the north part of the island of Bali where her designs are crafted and more rich stones like Malachite, Lapis Azulzi, Turquoises, and Onyx. These handcrafted pieces, look like heirlooms or museum worthy pieces of art, each piece crafted blends sensuality, elegance and timeless statement pieces. She works with the beauty of the stone and encases the stones onto brushed satin ring. Most rings are finished with a stain brushed textile and/or hammered and sometimes even a hand crafted patterns.  She's creates different texture handcrafted patterns engraved on the rings with granulation and embossing. They are multiple thin band with the various textures as well as thick band rings. Her most popular rings to date the Maria Jose which is a cluster of granulation beads surrounding beautiful druzzy stone. The Ulan ring is  like an armor on the middle finger, the knuckle ring covers the entire finger and is textured in Dragon Reptile skin, snake skin and hammered rough finish. And the results are luxurious,  

Erika’s second line Tribal E was inspired for her love of tribal jewelry from around the world, Erika designs collections each season inspired by different cultures & their tribes. She wanted to break away from the traditional idea of metal jewelry but instead using actual fabric in different textiles combined with raw stones and glass.  The Tribal E woman is a strong, leader, vibrant, unique, trendsetter. So each collection is designed pieces that are crafted from raw and natural stones designed for  the inner warrior and goddess. 

Meanwhile the TOA Collection was Inspired by the Maori Culture of New Zealand.To be brave, bold, victorious, experienced, accomplished, adept, competent, skillful, and capable // To have courage, bravery, champion, winner, expert //To be a warrior//To win//WE ARE ALL TOA. The TOA collection pieces are raw stones in textiles and shapes, mixed with Spir shaped stones and bone, sea glass and raw druzzy stones. Since the TOA Collection derived its inspiration from this warrior tribal essence, she wanted to design pieces that delivered this look. Her most popular ring uses the Claw shaped bone horn held on a thick band ring with handcrafted pattern. 

Erika Peña exquisite creations have graced the pages of VOGUE, ELLE, InStyle, Glamour, UsWeekly, HOLA, Harper’s Bazaar, and New York Times to name a few. Style icon’s like Beyonce, Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian, and Paris Hilton, are several of the designer’s clientele. Erika Peña is sold worldwide Paris, Madrid, Dubai, Mexico, Australia, Japan and many other countries.  In an industry where break out designers are far and few between Erika Peña has shown that her designs have a transcended ageless quality that prove she’s going nowhere but up in this fashion jungle. Inspired by tribal jewelry from around the world. Erika Peña designs pieces that are crafted for the inner warrior and goddess.