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Article: Erika Peña's Gift Ideas

GIFT IDEAS - Erika Peña

Erika Peña's Gift Ideas

Hello Goddess!

Are you an Early Bird and a Late Night Owl when it comes to Christmas gifts?

Erika has selected her favorite pieces for gifts and we want to share these inspirations with you.

Beautiful and timeless presents to help other women embrace their Inner Goddess.

Express your Love with gifts that matter.

Share that Goddess look with your loved ones with Statement Pieces as gifts.

Make sure the women in your life are surrounded by Beauty and Love.
Click here to see our gift ideas.

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JODI LEE 1 - Erika Peña

Erika Peña x Jodi Lee at Bodyworks, Bali

 Immerse in the Mystery of Ikat  (Model wears PETRA Maxi Dress Caffe) Erika Peña Esmé Collection This ancient and irresistible weaving technique connects us to the Origins of Creation. Ignite yo...

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GIFT CARDS - Erika Peña


Get Virtual Gift Cards and receive a gift from Erika. Add this Pay $45 for a $50 Gift Card E-Voucher (Save $5) Add this PAY $80 for $100 Gift Card E-Voucher (Save $20) Add this PAY $170 for $...

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