Erika Peña: Esmé Ikat Collection

Goddess! Our Esmé IKAT Collection is finally here!

"Living and travelling in Indonesia is such an inspiration! The multitude of cultures, languages and people makes this country very unique and specific. Indonesia's motto is Unity in Diversity and it's a place on our planet where these words are true, obvious and mesmerising as well. I wanted to weave that beautiful spirit into my designs and I choose Ikat fabric as it's the reflection of a world that is beautiful, intricate and ready to discover. The perfect fabric for our Goddess Tribe!" Erika Peña

Ikat is an ancient dyeing technique that originated in Indonesia and is still limited to being produced in certain regions only.

This makes IKAT styles extremely unique and beyond compare so you can wear something that is truly ONE-OF-A-KIND.

(Model wear MYA IKAT Maxi Dress Caffe)
(Model wear PETRA IKAT Maxi Dress Denim)
(Model wear ANITA IKAT Maxi Dress)
(Model wear ALIAA BATA Short Dress Caffe)
(Model wear ELOISE IKAT Shirt Dress Caffe)
(Model wear MYA IKAT Short Dress Black)