Our cabarete wrap gladiator sandals can be seen on the popular "Despacito" music video by Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee.

Erika Peña designed her ever so popular wrap fabric sandals (galidator sandals) for comfort and leisure lifestyle in Bali. Inspired to create comfortable sandals that can be laced up gladiator style in stay in its place. Gladiators made of stretch wrap fabric offer the perfect flat Strappy sandals that crisscross up the legs. inspired for her love of tribal jewelry from around the world, Erika designs collections each season inspired by different cultures & their tribes. designed for  the inner warrior and goddess.

Erika derived inspiration for these sandals from the Roman warriors of the Great Roman empire. main elements of Gladiators Clothing consisted of protective clothing with provided forms of armor against the attack of their opponents. in general wore minimal amounts of clothing and almost all of the different types of gladiators fought with bare chests, which the Romans viewed as a symbol of masculine virility.

These sandals have deep roots in history. Worn because they were comfortable, flexible, durable and provide great support over a traditional sandal. In more modern times the styles may have changed but the concepts have not. Who would have thought that attire for a warrior would later set the newest, most popular fashion trend. Men and women of today who wear them probably will not be putting them through any fights killing for the enjoyment of the crowd. That does not stop them from giving you that edge in your look.

TOA Collection was Inspired by the Maori Culture of New Zealand. TOA means be brave, bold, victorious, experienced, accomplished, adept, competent, skillful, and capable. To have courage, bravery, champion, winner, expert. To be a warrior. To win. WE ARE ALL TOA. The TOA collection pieces are raw textiles and shapes, mixed with dark earth tones to represent the rawness of Warrior life. We wanted to extend this look throughout the collection, so we took raw fabric cut into strips and hand braided into knots. Erika utilized d the ancient techniques of Crocheted & Macrome, through the first sandal collections.the art of knotting cord or string in patterns to make decorative fabric articles made by knotting cord in patterns. Since the TOA Collection derived its inspiration from this warrior tribal essence.

In the current age, we do things a little different. However, they left behind one of my most favorite footwear fashions, obviously. As a symbol to let us not forget the rich and vivid history of the Romans, Gladiator Sandals define strength and power which will never go out of style and fashion.

In an industry where break out designers are far and few between Erika Peña has shown that her designs have a transcended ageless quality that prove she’s going nowhere but up in this fashion jungle. Inspired by tribal jewelry from around the world. Erika Peña designs pieces that are crafted for the inner warrior and goddess. 

Today, we may not reason with the Roman’s lust for blood but amidst the overwhelming gladiatorial combat, they have instilled a rich heritage that is worthy to be treasured and celebrated. Gladiator sandals are just one of those symbols reminding us that values depicted by gladiators such as courage and strength never goes out of style goddess.