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Brides around the world have embraced the latest bridal collection from designer Erika Peña, trusting the bold and innovative designs to be the perfect accompaniment to their big day. Every piece in her latest collection is feminine and flowing, filling brides with a goddess feeling on their special day.

And the best part? Long after the wedding bells have stopped ringing, these pieces can be adapted to become something entirely different - making them suitable for any future occasion!

With this in mind, you can cut the dress shorter or remove a sleeve and transform a timeless bridal masterpiece into something suitable to wear all year round. With her stunning designs that never go out of style, Erika Peña has shifted our perceptions of bridal fashion: why wear it only once when we could keep wearing it all the time?


Looking for something unique and special? Contact us for a custom order. Custom orders usually approximately 3-4 weeks.