Erika Peña x Jodi Lee at Bodyworks, Bali

 Immerse in the Mystery of Ikat

 (Model wears PETRA Maxi Dress Caffe)

Erika Peña Esmé Collection

This ancient and irresistible weaving technique connects us to the Origins of Creation.

Ignite your Femininity with unique fabrics and symbolic patterns.

Unite with Goddesses across the world and time, share in the arcane understanding of Life's true meaning.

Enhance your Beauty with an intricate wardrobe.

Ikat is an Indonesian weaving technique, which origins are lost in the River of Time.

Connect to the Divine Feminine power flowing within you and all women.

The source of Life, the gift from our Planet.

From Earth to skilled weavers,
From skilled weavers to Erika,
From Erika to YOU.
We are one.
 (Model wear ALIAS Shirt and ALIAS Skirt White)
 (Model wear ALIAS Shirt and RITA Flowing Skirt Warm Sand)
 (Model wear PETRA Maxi Dress Caffe and ELIAS Studded Tan Sandal)  


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