Erika Peña Rimba Looks

Inspired by lush tropical jungles, RIMBA Collection can turn into a dreamy ensemble, especially when a team of Goddesses channels their creativity into it.

These RIMBA looks were created by @yanastrizhh, @valeshnaya and @kotovn_ taking us all a step closer to heaven.

Embrace modern bohemian sophistication 

Accessories That Transform Your Look

The transforming power of a belt or a necklace is something we can't get enough of, especially that it connects us with the roots of Erika Peña's career as she entered the world of fashion as a jewelry designer.

Now, every Erika Peña collection has new belts, necklaces, earring, sandals and rings to complete the outfit. With such an ensemble, you can always get a sophisticated, highly stylised look.
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