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Article: Goddess Series: Kenza

Goddess Series: Kenza - Erika Peña

Goddess Series: Kenza

Hello Goddess!

We are excited to bring you the latest interview and GODDESS SERIES episode featuring Kenza Barrada, the founder of a jewelry brand - Kasha.

Kenza shares with you that time in her life where she was not listening to her inner voice and how she overcame feeling powerless and not knowing herself.⁠

Now she designs jewellery that helps empower women. Click below to watch the full interview:

Click below to see the full interview with Kenza.


We've created Erika Peña GODDESS SERIES to share inspirational women who embrace their Inner Goddess each day.

In this episode, we'd like you to meet Kenza Barrada, a jewelry designer who founded her own brand Kasha in the beautiful Island of Gods.

Kenza is committed to women empowerment through creativity, and most especially, through beautiful works of art. She a Global Goddess making a unique statement with women empowerment through art defined by the fine strokes of jewelry. When it comes to innovation, Kenza Barrada is an eclectic innovator ready to walk a new path and shine the light for others. [from her website]

The Goddess journey continues... Join us!
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Happy New Year - Erika Peña

Happy New Year

Thank you for joining our Goddess Tribe this year and we hope 2022 is full of Love, Health, Abundance & many Blessings for all our Goddesses!    

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