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Article: Happy New Year

Happy New Year - Erika Peña

Happy New Year

Thank you for joining our Goddess Tribe this year and we hope 2022 is full of Love, Health, Abundance & many Blessings for all our Goddesses!



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Goddess Series: Kenza - Erika Peña

Goddess Series: Kenza

Hello Goddess! We are excited to bring you the latest interview and GODDESS SERIES episode featuring Kenza Barrada, the founder of a jewelry brand - Kasha. Kenza shares with you that time in her ...

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Erika Peña: Heavenly Surga for You - Erika Peña

Erika Peña: Heavenly Surga Collection

Inspired by the limitless essence of blue skies, we've combined our most feminine styles with our new color Sky Blue. So, you can always keep a piece of heaven close by.   Today, dreams are within...

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