GODDESS SERIES: Jane Hitchcock

We have been in love with this Goddess for a long time as she's ruled the modelling scene since the 1970s. Jane Hitchcock regularly appeared in magazines such as Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Elle and Glamour.

Her fame spread worldwide and the press reported her rise at a very young age. Jane rekindled her carrier in her 40s and is modelling until now. We're honored that she has joined our GODDESS SERIES and shared her deep experiences with the utmost authenticity. (Click below to watch the interview.)

Jane Hitchcock was born in Birmingham, Alabama in 1953 to Ray and Amelia Hitchcock. She was their fourth child. She grew up with three older brothers. Her father was a farmer, whose crops were wiped out by the beetle, so he ended up working at the local electric company.

"Your time to be an Icon" Jane Hitchcock



In the early 1990s, she turned forty and became an important face for cosmetic companies, which began to create advertisements featuring "ageless beauties." In 1993, she modeled with her then-twenty-two-year-old daughter Serena in an international campaign for Ferretti Jeans. She landed modeling jobs with Calvin Klein, Maybelline, and Vichy. In 2016, a sixty-three-year old Jane moved to Australia and continues to model to this day.

(Jane Hitchcock wearing Adella Maxi Animale Print, Scott Studded Belt)



(Jane Hitchcock wearing Brielle Maxi Animale Print, Lexi Studded Belt, Elais Sandals)



(Jane Hitchcock wearing Brielle Short)



(Jane Hitchcock wearing Lola Jumpsuit White, Ana Shirt White, Scott Studded Belt Tan, Elais Sandal Tan)


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