If you know Erika Peña's Collections, you probably would recognise our flowing dresses anywhere. We've been creating them in solid colors but this time, we're introducing something few: print. Not just any print, Animal Print.

"I've always been obsessed with animal print." Erika Peña

Erika has beed obsessed with leopards and finds them to be the animals whose  existence expresses freedom, break from boundaries, and the only chase that matters: the one for your own self. They are great representations of warriors, stealth and strength. Which is what makes a Erika Peña Goddesses.

Warrior Vibe in RIMBA Animale Collection

In our Animale Collection, we added a Goddess Touch to the strong characteristics of the incredible leopards. Softness and sensuality of our fabrics and flows, turned out to be a perfect match for the Animal Print.

Now, cascading tiers of maxi dresses and skirts pay tribute to our classic boho aesthetic while initiating a bold statement with every step.

(Milena wearing our Vale Dress Animale, Claw Earring)
(Milena wearing our Sahara wrap Dress Animale, Claw Earring)
(Milena wearing our Ella Blouse Animale Print, Scott Studded Belt)
(Milena wearing our Lola Jumpsuit, Ella Dress Sienna as outer, Scott Studded Belt Sienna)

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