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Article: RIMBA COLLECTION - For The Jungle In Your Heart

RIMBA COLLECTION - For The Jungle In Your Heart - Erika Peña

RIMBA COLLECTION - For The Jungle In Your Heart

Inspired by lush tropical forests, RIMBA COLLECTION blends Erika's Puerto Rican heritage with her love for Bali where the word "Rimba" means a jungle forest.

At Erika Peña, we create Collections that put you in touch with raw emotions and basic instincts. Our flowing designs remind you of the wilderness that lives deep inside you. Whether you live in a remote place or the concrete jungle is your domain, we invite you to stay in touch with your heart, sensitivity and desires letting your divine spark shine wherever you go.

Created for the jungle in your heart.

(Milena wear Selma Animale Dress, Claw Earring)

(Milena wear Adella Maxi Dress,Pya Palazo Pants, Elais Sandals, Claw Earring)

(Milena Lola Jumpsuit, Scott Studded Belt Siena, Rimba Tassel Belt Siena, Claw Earring)

(Milena wear Vale Oak Dress, Round DIsk Earring

(Brielle Maxi Dress Oak, Claw Earring)

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