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Article: GODDESS SERIES: Gina Swire

Goddess Series-Gina Swire - Erika Peña


You are the reason why we're here. You are our inspiration. Our motivation.

Our Goddess!

To honor Erika Peña's Goddesses worldwide, we've created a unique series of interviews in which we invited inspirational women to share their stories.

This concept quickly became more than the original idea and we continue adding new GODDESS interviews to our series because we can't get enough of how incredible you all are!

(Gina Swire wearing Curvy Ella Maxi Dress, Elais Sandal, Diana Earring)

In this episode, we talk to Gina Swire, a plus-size model whose initial tough experiences in fashion set off on a journey to self-discovery.

"Let your own love for yourself fuel a life beyond your wildest dreams." Gina Swire

(Gina Swire wearing Curvy Vale Dress Oak)

Today, next to being a busy model, Gina is an inspirational self-love coach and we're honoured to have her in our GODDESS SERIES.

(Gina Swire wearing Curvy Eva Shirt Dress, Diana Earring)

Gina shared with us her experiences in the fashion world, the journey to healthy self-esteem, and some priceless tips on how to have a lovely relationship with yourself. ⁠ Watch this beautiful goddess share her wisdom.

Fall in love with more Goddess Looks that Gina swayed for us. Embracing the soft flow of life has never been easier.

(Gina Swire wearing Curvy Adella Dress Oak, Anisa Belt Tan)

(Gina Swire, wearing Curvy Selma Dress, Scott Studded Belt Sienal, Claw Earring)

(Gina Swire wearing Curvy Ella Dress Oak)

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