The Magic of Summer Solstice with Marisa

Marisa Hampe is one of top world Influencers featured in Forbes & Elle Magazine. She has created campaigns for top High Fashion brands including Chloe, Chanel, and now also Erika Peña.

The unique creativity of Marisa, added a  Romantic Fairytale aesthetic to our Dresses and, let's be honest, we can't get enough of her vision!

"I enjoy unique things" Marisa Hempe
(Marisa wearing Vale Dress)


Marisa is a 23 years old travel photographer, story-teller and adventurer. Starting with her Instagram almost 2 years ago, she became more and more in demand for her sensitive landscape photography.
(Marisa wearing Lola Dress and Rimba Tassel Belt)
She creates romantic and modern shots while dealing with the relation and proportion between human being and nature, and she captured some of the most epic visions for our flowing dresses. In her images, we find the perfect reflection of what we mean when we talk about embracing the Flow of Life and igniting your Inner Goddess.

Enter Erika Peña's Fairytale with Marisa
(Marisa wearing Ella Dress and Rimba Tassel Belt)
(Marisa wearing Vale Dress and Carmen Sandals)
(Marisa wearing Vale Dress and Carmen Sandals)
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