Erika Peña: CURVY GODDESS Collection

Erika Peña label is known for creating voluminous, airy dresses. We embrace all women of all shapes and sizes, and we want our collections to be a reflection of that. There's nothing more miraculous than the female body with its power to give life and we want to cherish that will all our creations, making sure that size is not a limit to wear beautiful, dreamy dresses whenever you feel like.


(Gina wear Brielle Short Dress and Elais Studded Sandal)
(Gina wear Lola Dress, Ana Shirt, and Sott Studded Tan)
(Gina wear Ana Shirt and Rita Flowing Skirt)

(Gina wear Rita Maxi Dress) 

(Gina wear Marisa Short Dress, Anisa Belt Tan and Elais Studded Sandals Tan) 
(Gina wear Farrah Isla Dress and Mona Isla Bracelet)

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